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Computer Games

Additional Resources

If your child is unable to participate in a program, he or she can still become a member of Lacari Leadership Center and use the facilities additional resources. 
This center is more than an educational center, youth can also use the center to do homework, socialize with other members, play educational and fun games, or just spend some alone time in the Quiet Zone. 
  • Study Hall (SH) Includes computers; youth can do homework, study, or read a book.
  • Quiet Zone (QZ) This is a room of silence. No electronic gadgets allowed in class! Also contains a mini library.
  • Game Room (GR) All games will be from either the educational or fun games category. There are board games and game consoles (ex. Microsoft Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo). There are no violent games or games with adult themes.
  • Snack Center - Available for all youth 
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