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The educational system needs a new partner, “Welcome to Lacari Leadership Center,” where leaders are born.

Levitating Books

Course of Action

Welcome parents and guardians; when your child becomes a Lacari Leadership Center (LLC) member, they are enrolling in an organization that will invest in their future. It is unfair and not conducive to a community; denying a child the opportunity to be their best puts that child at an unfair disadvantage.

We see the eagerness in the faces of the youth when you introduce them to new things. They want to learn; all they need are people who believe in them and are willing to nurture their interests. An empowered youth has a greater chance of making better life choices to help them become better citizens.

Empty Lounge

Lounge Center

Parents or guardians, if you get to the center too early to pick up your worries, relax and enjoy free Wi-Fi, a cold or hot beverage, and refreshments while you wait.



We will be available to pick up students from school and drop them off at LLC, but the school must be within a 10-mile radius of the center.

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