The purpose of The Leader In Me program, is to give youth a head start on how to be an effective leader and to understand the benefits of a leadership mindset. Our program will help youth gain confidence, self-awareness, and encourage them to step outside of their comfort zones, Session 1 is only the beginning.

This is not school, there is no pressure to take exams or quizzes. Just be yourself and be open to learning more about who you are.




Hours:  3 - 4 pm


When you are a leader...


No Fee for groups up to10.

Fees for Groups greater than 10 students. 



This is a two-part process, first determine who you are, then improve or develop the leadership skills that will guide you to become a successful leader.

Session 1

“When the teacher calls your name in class, what is your first reaction?”. Some students may say scared or nervous, others may say excited. You can overcome the fears, when you are comfortable with yourself, because that is the presence of a leader.  

When you are a leader... 

  • You gain confidence

  • Feel comfortable stepping out of your comfort zone

  • Learn how to work well with others

  • You accept responsibility for team failures

Before you can determine your leadership strengths, you first need to figure out, "Who am I?"



Identify positive leadership to pattern yourself after, but do not lose yourself in the process.

Session 2

Leaders are everywhere and can be anyone. Who are the leaders in your life? 

  • Family

  • Friends

  • Teachers

  • Characters from a book

  • People on television or from the movies




Identify good and bad leadership.

Session 3

Leaders are not one size fits all, because we each have different opinions about leadership. ​ 

  • So, who is right or wrong?


The answer depends whether the leader is an honest, compassionate, and understanding individual, who seeks the truth. Even when the truth is not the favorite choice, however it's the best solution for the majority.